About Me

My name is Sara, but I am more commonly known as that woman with all the kids.

As a teen knew I wanted to be the Mom of more than the average 2.5 kids.  I expected to have a few adult years on my own, then get married around 25.  I expected babies to follow in about 2 years.  Four children, 2 of each seemed like the ideal number.  If I could do it in sets of twins then it would be only 2 pregnancies!  Ideally the births should be 2-3 years apart.  This sounded great to my younger self.

Reality had me married at 19…..you can not let the best of the best get away now can you?! I gave birth to my first baby at 22, welcome to the world little Ed. Fourteen months later Matt was born. Seventeen months later we held Lyssa for the first time.  Fourteen months after #3 we welcomed baby Fred!! Four babies in less than 4 years!!!!!  When #4 was 5 years old we discovered Eli was on the way! Then spunky little Nikki followed fourteen months later!!!!

siblings in sand wmI am now the privileged, overwhelmed, excited, exhausted, Mom of more than the average number of Munchkins.


With so many munchkins being born so closely together we received more negative remarks than positive ones.  We did not plan to have the munchkins back to back, it  was still discouraging to receive so much negativity about something as wonderful as a new baby.  Sometimes even the best of birth control fails (as it did for us).  We can choose to go on with a smile or a frown.  The ones I thought were my support system were frowning.  I wanted to smile, but the combination of negativity, hormones, and exhaustion was too great to bear.  I began to frown.  My hubby and a couple great girl friends pulled me out of the darkness.  I learned who my support system really is.  I began to to smile again.  I learned to care less and less of what the old biddies thought of me and to enjoy my big family for the wonderful gift it is.

Yes we homeschool, delay vaccinations, breast feed, and I love my baby sling with little munchkins because it lets me get stuff done.  I use a baby swing, bottle feed with formula, let my kids play on the computer, and forget to carry bandaids to the park. The kids messes spill out of the car every time we go to the library and often I can not remember when I last shampooed my hair.  Sometimes I manage to stay calm and use a nice voice, sometimes I yell; either way the kids are unfazed until begin to whisper.  I am not super mom, I am simply an average parent messing my kids up in an average way.

This mom blog is my way of sharing the reality of being a Mom of more than the average number of munchkins.  

Is it HARD? Yes! It is also AMAZING!

Welcome to my real life Mom Blog!!!


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